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Keeping your betta fish stimulating is vital to the health of your fish.

With Your Betta Fish: 11 Steps (with Pictures)

Betta fish, also called Siamese fighting fish, are popular pets because of their bright colors and prominent fins.

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6 Free How To Make Betta Fish Toys Guide (Available At Home) Betta fish (also known as the Siamese fighting fish) is one of the ...

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Don't have a bored betta! You need some betta fish toys in the tank!

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There are various types of Betta Fish tank decorations available in the market.

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Betta, or Siamese fighting fish, are remarkably beautiful, curious, and sociable fish that are native to SE Asia.

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Training a betta can be fun for the whole family and it’s surprisingly easy to do.

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Discover the best betta fish food and brands of pellets, flakes, and more.

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Betta fish constipation could lead to more complicated and serious side effects if not treated properly.

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Betta flaring: what's it all about? Here are the reasons your betta fish is flaring his gills.