RNAs (ribonucleic acids) are important compounds for protein synthesis, with some RNAs now known to be modified by enzymes.
Such modified RNAs are decomposed in the cytosol, with the original nucleic-acid bases reused and the modified portions secreted and later discharged from the body in urine. In recent years, measuring modified nucleosides has become extremely important in the research of various infectious diseases and other disorders.
The research group of Professor Kazuhito Tomizawa at Kumamoto University performed research indicating that modified nucleosides show a correlation to increase severity of COVID-19 symptoms.* In joint research based on those results, a rapid analytical method for the quantitation of specific modified nucleosides in blood serum and urine was developed.
This Method Package provides optimized analytical conditions, including chromatographic separation and MS parameters, for the determination of two types of modified nucleosides and factors for normalization. It also includes examples of sample preparation methods for blood serum and urine samples. Consequently, this product can be used to analyze specific modified nucleosides in urine and blood serum without the need for time-consuming method development.


Method Package Provides a Total Solution from Sample Preparation to Analysis of Results



ipl-live-streaming-2021-free,This method package includes the information necessary to perform rapid and robust LC/MS/MS chromatographic separation and analysis of two types of modified nucleosides and endogenous factors used to normalize results. Optimized LC conditions achieve high throughput with an analysis time of about six minutes.


Optimized parameters for LCMS-8000 series mass spectrometers enable trace analysis of modified nucleosides. If used with the LCMS-8060NX exeter uni tennis team, IonFocus lenses mitigate exeter uni tennis team contamination from matrix and prolong maintenance intervals.,basketball-camp-cost


build-a-city-game-free,The important step of sample preparation is also addressed in this method package. Protocols for both blood and urine samples are described, saving the laboratory considerable method development time.

LC/MS/MS Method Package for Modified Nucleosides


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